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Prudencio Torres, II


     I have been an artist for most of his life.  At the age of five, his vivid imagination provided him with a foundation for his first works of art, creating fictional caricatures and furry creatures of every kind.

Following his artist passions, Prudencio auditioned for the Baltimore School for the Arts and completed his degree in visual arts in 1987. 

Immediately following graduation, Prudencio began his career at Penn Advertising as a billboard artist. In 1989, Prudencio was featured in the Baltimore Sun as one of the top billboard artists on the East Coast.   He remained with the company until the technological advent of electronic billboards posed a threat to the original artform.

Shifting his artistic talents to another form, Prudencio pursued a degree in Culinary Arts and Professional Baking from the Baltimore Culinary Institute. 

Upon graduation in 1998, Prudencio began working for Hunt Valley Catering, where he soon became the Executive Chef, eventually taking Executive Chef position with two major hospitals in the Baltimore area before deciding to return to his original passion of visual arts.

In 2007, Prudencio founded Treasured Creations aka Prudencio Torres, Artist.  He continues to create commissioned portraits, company logos, commercial and residential murals as well as original works of art for sale. 

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